Outfit: Lace and a Cowboy Hat


Lately life's been pretty hectic and right now I've feeling a whole lot of stress. Which probably explains why I look terrible in the above pictures (beauty sleep is a real thing I think!) but I figured I could take some outfit pictures. To make it a bit more fun I added in a cowboy hat, costume not authentic, as well as a red bandana that I was given. The pictures, other than my tired makeupless face turned out quite cute even if I had an inexperience photographer. 
 Hat & Bandana - Of course you're not going to be wearing this combo out and about for your every day look but it is fun. The hat is lightweight and nicely made, and since I have a lot of promotional modeling work lined up this summer, I wouldn't be surprised if I end up using it. At the very least I know I'll have something cute for photo shoots.

Lace Top - You've actually seen this lace top before, back when I was blonde , which I'm starting to miss having. For this look, since I was at a family event I also put a white tank underneath, just a very  basic one, for modesty. 

Jeans - I've had these jeans for a few years now and I could be happier with them. They're comfortable, forgiving and just seem to get better with time. Plus with their skinny cut they work great with boots.

Combat Boots - Maybe I have a bit of an obsession but I love combat boots, and have them in four different colors. Adding them, instead of a pair of cowboy boots makes the look a little less extreme and more fun.


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