Life Photos: Walkings, Weird Magazine, and Wood

First up are two pictures that were for  ended up being rejected for my light up leash review. They just weren't good enough to make the Hanna Lei review board. After that is some random mechanics photo, and after how much trouble that class was I'm so glad it's done. Then a photo of my shoes and bag while I was sitting at that mini city park I talked about

Then a very interesting looking model in Vogue I saw. Followed by more flowers at the city park. While waiting to sell some of my books I saw some interesting vegan recipes in the bookstore and decided to snap a photo of one of my favorites for inspiration. Last of the row is my old Pokemon toy. 

While in a public restroom I saw this little informational piece on domestic violence, so I decided to shamelessly go into the men's restroom and see if it was there too. It was which I found to be quite nice. While at school for about a week they had these very nice pallets that I wanted to take home, and make something out of, remember how well my wood chest turned out? Then a random snap of the elevator followed by a picture of the outside of the school. 

Last row. I was in an odd department store (for many reasons) and saw these heels, they're seven inches, something I'd never encountered except at online shops. While at a restaurant we had a terrible waiter who forgot our silverware and then when he final brought some (after us asking and then waiting a good ten minutes) he gave us all of this, for three people. I sincerely hope he's new. Then all the fives I used to pay for my school parking pass. I feel like they thought I was an exotic dancer... since it was in fives I think that means I do a good job? Last is a photo of a very cute duck who decided to splash around in a puddle, very silly since there is a canal with plenty of space quite close by. 

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