Life Photos: Minecraft and a Butterfly

If you remember I did a review on the Minecraft App. Since watching these kids, I've learned a few new tricks, notably that we can connect to the same server and play all together, which is fun.  Then a basic "remember this for the test" chemistry photo, followed by a picture for my mother so she could buy the same thing at the store. Then there's Annabell, who you might remember from when I babysat before. She's actually a huge pain. 

Below that is a picture of a prefecture workbook page that I was going to use to "help me" finish mine. That whole section of the class was pointless so it's okay. Then an accidental class shot followed by one of the board in the second half of my class, it's a review session lead by someone who got an A in the class.  After that is a pre picture from my bedroom updates

Then two pictures of what the kids I watch got from garage sale shopping, that I of course sent to their mother. The palm tree was awful to bring back because we were on bikes. Then an accidental picture of my door, and one more babysitting thing in the form of a water ballon. 

Then a picture I was going to use for my outfit post. Everything turned out awful for that one. Then my grandmother with a butterfly that loved her shirt, an economics graph and old chemistry homework. 

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