Life Photos: End of Spring Semester, Some Flowers

It's been awhile since I've done an iPhone photo dump but that doesn't mean I've been deleting them, so in the next little while you can expect quite a few to show up. The first photo is of the wine opener I made for my CAD class. I actually bought it specifically because there was an online tutorial on how to make it, making my job a whole lot easier. Next is a picture of my final exam study guide for mechanics. The man is some judge that really laid down the law of some educators and I just found his attitude, dress choice and facial expression great. Last in the row is a flower arrangement that was on my kitchen counter.

Maybe you remember my spiked shoes? When I was getting my clothing ready for my Design project the next day I couldn't decide what to wear so I sent my friends a few pictures of shoes to help me pick. Next is something you can't exactly see but it's geese on top of a building. Then a sparkly dress my mother made (she has talent) for someone and a razor that was okay.

Outside of a restaurant near me one of the employees has his jeep done up like a Jurassic Park one. Then a photo of Calbee Snaps that I loved inside Fresh Thyme. After that two more photos of Mechanics work. 

Last row! First up is one more mechanics photo of the syllabus. The professor, who was incompetent in many ways, had the time of the final wrong, and I almost didn't get there. Then a picture of a little city garden. After that me trying to find an online answer for my homework and last a picture of the tree in my yard. 

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