Glass Snowman Ornament Class

 I'm aware that it's almost June and the picture above is of a Christmas ornament, and not just any ornament, one of a snowman. Well, first of all Christmas should be just stuck to the month of December, and second, I've had this blog post "in the making" for quite awhile, and third I made it in February so it's always been overdue, but I'm going to talk about it anyways!

 I went with my mother and her friend (who happens to be too perfect for real life, but maybe more on that in the future). Of course when we went to her house I had to hang out with Nikita who I've previously introduced. Walking in you could see the cat owner evidence in the form of a toy mouse near the entryway. After getting some breakfast food we headed off to Louisville Kentucky, without Nikita unfortunately, where my mother's friend had found a place to take glass blowing classes. 
 Once we parked in the garage which was right across the river, and almost empty as well as pretty cheap, we just walked across the street, went up a flight of stairs and were in the building. The lobby had a woman at it (a very nice one!) and she pointed us to the shop. Once there we saw a ton of beautiful different glass things, before making our way to the glass making options. There were necklaces and simple figurines but even though it was February we all decided to do the Snowman Ornaments. 
 We had a bit of time to wait for the artist to get to the shop so we headed to the other side of the building. There, we looked at different mid-priced modern glass art. Some of it was quite beautiful but others... I just didn't get. We also saw the workshop (maybe that's what you call it), and people were watching a resident artist work. 
 Once the artist arrived, we went to the third floor where is shop is and then I waited. As you can see I wasn't all that enthusiastic about watching my mother and her friend do their glass stuff, but I did take a few pictures for them before my phone got too low on battery. 
 Finally it was my turn. The instructor did all of the blowing stuff and he started by making a big bubble, I then had to move this around on something he called a bird's nest pictured above, and then moved over to rolling it on white glass for the texture. Then pick how you want the eyebrows, I decided big thick ones, and a happy face or a sad face, which the artist convinced me to do sad. Then the nose and a tassel color. 
And to finish off this post, a photo of me holding my freshly made snowman head. We had do leave them there for a few days to cool or whatever and then they were shipped. I had fun doing it, and learning more about glass art, and I'm very happy with this fancy little guy that now belongs to me. 

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