Cool Technology Products (with reviews!)

I'm always on the lookout for cool new products that make my life easier without too much of a cost. Thanks to my blog I'm given a chance to try out a lot of cool product (and some not so cool ones that don't work) so I figured I could put together a little list of a few of my favorite technology products as of recently for you guys. 

1. OCHEE Clever Bluetooth 4.0 Music Steaming Receiver - Since I commute to school, and do a lot of promotional modeling work (which I have to drive to) I spend a lot of time in the car. This Bluetooth 4.0 Music Streaming Receiver makes my time a little bit easier. I can now listen to music from my phone, and even answer phone calls with ease. 

2. Biontek Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount - As the GPS that I was given once for my birthday gets older and doesn't have newer business or home addresses I'm often using my phone. That's great, except for the fact that I can't easily hold my phone and drive at the same time. So I was very happy when I received this Biontek Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount. With just a glance I can see the map on my phone, which is way safer. 

3. USB Surge Protector - Since I live in Indiana, where there are quite a few storms I do have a few different surge protectors in my house, and they have in the past protected my electronics. When I was offered this one, I had no idea that there was such a thing as a USB surge protector, and I'm so happy to have it, especially since it has six slots. 

4. Genie Best Digital Kitchen Scale - With many nutrition labels it says xx oz on it and as someone who's counting their calories I need a way to accurately track what I'm eating. This Genie scale is super easy to use and very lightweight.

5. CAIUL 2nd Gen Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Case - More often than not I use my phone to take pictures. It's convenient and takes pretty good pictures so it works. Sometimes though I want to use the Instax Mini and be a bit nostalgic. This carrying case is stylish and protects it. 

6.   4 port multi USB charger - There are so many products that are  charged with a USB charger now. Just last week I was promoting a product that was. So I was happy to see a port charger for USBs. It charges quickly and I like that it has four slots. 

7.  ARECTECHA¨ LEGNO-N SERIES Case - Let me start by saying this case is gorgeous. Because it's for the iPhone 6 plus and I have the 6 I gave it to my mother and she doesn't go more than a day without getting a compliment on it. Not only is the aluminum and wood case stylish it's protective too. 

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