Chocolate A Day + a Giveaway

 Like just about everyone I know, I love chocolate. However, as a model, and a person working on their abs I try and abstain from eating it. Of course this is really not an easy thing to do, the hardest time for me is right after dinner when I've finished my meal and I want something sweet. Not only am I worried about over eating and getting too many calories I also wonder if I'm getting all the nutrients I need. Lucky for me I was introduced to the Chocolate A Day from It's a multi-vitamin, looking at the back it has a ton of different nutrients. But not only that it's also a dark Belgian chocolate. 
But how do these taste? I've tried a few different vitamins like Smarty's, and although those were good, I did have a hard time taking them because they are still vitamins and I just couldn't remember to do it. These Chocolate A Day multivitamins taste fantastic though, and are a great after dinner treat.  Retail $20

Oh! And... You can enter the giveaway to win your own pack at the site. 

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