Book Review: Just Add WATERCOLOR

Just Add Watercolor
By Helen Birch

Inspiration & Painting Techniques from Contemporary Artists

Learn from the very best in modern watercolor. Imagine holding some of the most beautiful and innovative works from today's top watercolor artists in the palm of your hand. Curated by artist and lecturer Helen Birch, Just Add Watercolor is just such a collection featuring behind the scenes tidbits on each piece, insights on the creative process, and tips to get you started on your own watercolor painting journey.

Helen Birch is an artist and lecturer and instructor at the Bradford School of Art. She is the author of Freehand (2013) and curator of the highly popular art blog drawdrawdraw. Birch resides in West Yorkshire, UK.

My Thoughts: I love art, especially lesser known pieces by semi professional artists. Don't get me wrong the grandmasters are great, but when I see art that's a little more off the beaten path (it does still have to be good unlike some of the things at the Indianapolis Art Museum) I'm all about it. So of course when I saw a book about watercolor, which you don't see often in galleries I was very interested.  

Just Add Watercolor is a great inspirational book. It starts out by showing little index of each of the paintings to make it easier to find exactly what you're looking for. There's first a definition of what watercolor is and of course on the opposite page is a beautiful example. Going further there is a variety of techniques that are very helpful (like how to paint dark or light scenery) and even as a beginner I can learn something from them. If you like Draw-A-Saures this is a book to read.  

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