Beija Flor Naturals (mini review!)


Last week I received a package in the mail with some skincare products inside. Upon opening it up I thought "Oh this stuff is quite pretty" before putting it in my 'to be reviewed' pile'. When it became their turn (since with my week break of school I'm getting a ton of reviews done), I looked to see exactly how these guys came to me and I couldn't figure it out, so back to the box they were headed until I could find out. However I decided to at least take a look inside the bottles and now I'm hooked. So I decided to review them anyways, even if I can't figure out how they came to me. 

Whipped Organic Shea Butter - I've tried out a variety of different shea butters before, from bulk tubs, to mixed in lotions but I'd never tried, let alone heard of whipped shea butter. It smells wonderful, like apricots and coconut and although thick is much easier to apply than straight shea butter. Not only does my skin smell good after applying it, but it goes from very dry to completely hydrated. 

Acai Mango Face Lotion - With the summer here, my face is getting dried out so quickly so of course I was excited to see this facial moisturizer. Even though the ingredients are quite different this Acai Mango product smells a bit like the Derma MD Wasabi Cleanser which isn't a bad thing. Although I would consider it to feel thick it applies easily, absorbing well and I think would work well for day or night. 

Overall I'm very impressed with the Beija Flor Naturals products that I somehow received. They come beautiful packaged in glass bottles, smell fantastic and work well. Looking at their site the prices are pretty reasonable too, and I'm loving that they're an organic boutique. 

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