Barbecue Tofu in the Wok

 Where I live, it's hard to find vegan food. I mean if you're a vegan and plan on going out to eat, you'd be lucky to get a salad most likely without dressing. So of course that means most of my meals come from home, and I'm always looking to try new things. I've tried things like Broccoli Soup and Enchiladas but this time around I decided to be a bit more adventures and a non-fryed tofu dish which was a bit intimidating since I've only had it in a stir fry, but didn't turn out too bad. 
Alright so the first step is making the BBQ sauce. I have my own Barbecue Sauce Recipe you can check out, because it does take awhile to prepare the sauce I'd do that the day before. First get out your wok, my is one of Ozeri's green earth woks so I don't have to spray it (it's non-stick). Add some coconut oil and then prepare the tofu while that heats up. First drain the package, then if you have a tofu presser press it over night, otherwise just press it while drying it with paper towels. Then cut into thin pieces (or else it won't cook throughly) then leave it on the stove flipping occasionally.

After this you can prepare the rice and wash the lettuce. Then put the lettuce on the bottom of the bowl, then the rice. By this time the tofu should be ready and you can pour in the barbecue sauce and cook this for a few minutes. Then just put this on top of the rice and add vegan cheese if you have that and there's you've animal free meal.  

Oh if you're interested in the Wok I'm using (which I discovered is a whole lot easier than a frying pan) it's available on Amazon HERE

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