9 Kitchen Tools I'm Loving (+ reviews)

  StarPack Ultimate Silicone Spatula Set - Even during the summer I'm very much into baking. I love having fresh cookies and cakes around the house for everyone to eat. So when I was given this Silicone Spatula Set to try out I was very excited. There are two different sizes standard, and small and each size has two spatulas. They are quite sturdy without being too heavy, completely smooth and have a hole in the handle so they can be hung up. 
 Kuuk Silicone Ice Cube Tray - Since upgrading my refrigerator a few years ago which had one of those machines in it so of course I got rid of my plastic ice trays. However there are quite a few drink recipes that it is nice to have trays for so I was happy when Kuuk sent me their mini set to try out. Each tub has 15 squares and there are two bright colored trays, green and blue. Cubes are easy to remove and cleaning the trays is easy. 
 Bellemain Ice Cleaver - As many of you probably know I'm not a meat eater. It's both a choice based on animal welfare and after doing it awhile personal taste. However when I was given this 7" Stainless Steel Cleaver I knew exactly what I'd use it for. Chopping tough vegetables for a stir fry is now very easy. The cleaver is sharp, light weight and easy to clean.   
 Danish Dough Whisk - As I mentioned I have a thing for baking, so when this Danish Dough Whisk arrived at my house thanks to the people over at Fun Squared I was extremely exited to get to try it out. This whisk has a very sturdy wooden handle that gets a bit more narrow has you get further from the base and the actual whisk part is thick and doesn't bend even with heavy use. 
 Salt & Pepper Grinder - Whenever I think of salt and pepper shakers, my mind always goes to some type of victorian knickknack that features some sort of animal with three holes for salt and two for pepper, but we've come a long way since then. This duo salt and pepper grinder is stainless steel, looks futuristic and works well. 
 ExoNaturals MagiKuchen Measuring Spoons - Awhile back I lost my measuring spoons and let me tell you I should have just gotten a replacement soon because this engraved set from MagiKuchen is so nice. Each one is a different bright color and it has the english and metric measuring units on it. There's an included clip that can be removed (it keeps them together) as well as a bonus egg separator.
 Aztec Gold Chia Seeds - Whenever anyone says Chia Seeds my first thought goes to the early 2000's infomercial about growing your own chia pet cha cha cha chia. So if you're like me you might not have known how good Chia Seeds are for you. They are high in Omega 3, fiber, protien and have 6 vitamins. Aztec Gold has them available in convent packs and doesn't use any preservatives or GMOs. 
 Foober Storage Containers - Since becoming a vegan, I'm all about taking my lunch to school and to gigs, and using plastic bags, can be quite a pain. So when goober offered to send me a set of their storage containers I knew I'd use them. I didn't realize though how cute they'd be. There are six in a set and they all have a very pretty redbud design on the front, which is so nice. Plus with their snap on lids, getting my food in and out is super easy. 
Eco Defense Pest Repellent - I was debating if I should have this in a gardening blog post  but when I saw some statistics on how many people deal with mice in their kitchen I thought it'd be a good fit for the kitchen tools products. This rodent repellent is all natural, and keeps pests away by determent. Its ecofriendly and doesn't smell bad like other similar products. 

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