4 Fun Drinking Apparatuses

 Alright so saying drinking apparatus makes it sound like I'm going to tell you about a lot of fancy exotic ways to drink liquids but that isn't quite the case. These are all things that are available via amazon and that I was given. But they don't have a grouped name, one is a thermos, two are glasses and one is a mug.

1.  ChillWarmer FunJar - As soon as I saw this thermos I was in love. As a bird person I love owls and I was so impressed with how durable the container is. Inside and out it's metal with a rubber bottom bumper and twist off lid. It's perfect for taking to school and having lunch because it keeps heat for eight hours.
 2. Cucina Vita XL Beer Glass - I've always heard that it's better to have beer in glass than a can, maybe just some old drinking tale, maybe not. But I still thing this XL Beer Glass is super fun. It's the perfect present for any college guy, or beer lover in your life. Plus it's very lightweight which I didn't expect.
 3. PureCopper Brand Mug - Awhile back I was given a moscow mule mug to try out and loved it. But then I saw this PureCopper Brand Mug and was instantly jealous that my old cup wasn't nearly as pretty. This one has a hammered outside (a look I personally love) a less traditional shape, and is just overall appealing. Plus it came with a bunch of drink recipes which is never a bad thing.
Zodiac Wine Glass - I'm not a big wine drinker (or any alcohol for that matter) but when I was offered this Zodiac wine glass I couldn't pass it up. The symbol on the front is long lasting and has a bit of texture. I think they'd make a perfect gift for a bridesmaid party. 
50 Shades Wineglass Charms -  If you're having a party, or really any get together with more than two women you need a way to tell who's glass is who's or else I personally will drink from each one. These 50 Shades of Grey inspired makes are a cute easy way to keep mix ups from happening. 

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