Review: Twilight Woods Shower Gel

I just talked about how much I love body wash in my review of Olay Fresh effects so I'll save you guys from that. I did receive this Bath & Body Works Body Wash though as a prize for correctly matching animal baby names the fastest at my cousin's baby shower. Of course I was super excited to receive this and figured I could do a review. 

Alright so this Twilight Woods Shower Gel has a very dark themed packaging. The bottle is a rounded plastic, but it can stand up on it's base. The lid is a dark purple and is a squeeze out dispenser. The bottle is clear so you can clearly see the purple liquid underneath. The label has orange leaves with a purple background and white font. It smell is a bit hard to pinpoint, although nice. For me it's a bit like black cherry or plum.

Verdict: Of course one of the first things I did after getting this body wash was try it out. It suds well, and although not too strong of a smell is actually quite relaxing. The packaging has a cute gothic sort of feel which is perfect for a gift. 

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