Review: Derma MD Daytime Moisturizer SPF 50

I've been talking about all the clothes for to wear for warm weather, like culottes and spring college outfits, but one thing I haven't mention is what I'm doing for my skin. Since I'm not a big makeup wearer there's only one big difference, the need to protect my skin from the sun. Lucky for me the people over at Derma MD sent me their Daytime Moisturizer with SPF 50.

It comes in a 1.7 fl oz hard plastic jar, which I actually like better than the typical glass because not only is it lighter but more durable too. The whole thing is in a matte white and has black font describing that this is an oil free sun block and lotion. The accents are a bright orange. 

The moisturizer itself does have a bit of a sunscreen smell, although it isn't unpleasant, and much less than I'd expect from something with such high SPF. The look reminds me of whipped cream and although it feels thick, once I started applying the sunscreen lotion it actually felt light and airy.

Verdict: This is yet another Derma MD that I have to add to my list of favorite products (already on the list is the Wasabi Cleanser, Lip Plumpers and Pore Refining Serum). It feels nice going on my skin but more importantly it has SPF 50. This means I don't have to worry about sun damage, which is the biggest cause of wrinkles with this Daytime Moisturizer. 

You can get a jar for yourself HERE

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