Review: Come Clean Pop Culture Soap

Lately it's become quite clear that my bathroom is my sanctuary. It's changed quite a bit since my last bathroom tour but the basic layout is still the same. Lots of girly stuff and beauty products about, especially with a daily routine as complete as mine. So of course when I'm offered something that's going to either, make me laugh of make me pretty I'm very interested in it. 

That brings me to the Come Clean Pop Culture Soap. I've done a few reviews over handmade soap, and to be honest I love it. Normal bar soap is quite gross but these guys are totally different. So when I was offered one of their soaps to review of course I said, yes and when they asked what design, I just said surprise me. Maybe from my Instagram they discovered I liked Pit bulls (talked about when I visited the Columbus Animal Shelter) and that's the soap I got.

Verdict: I'm very happy with this soap. You can clearly see the dog, and he looks very realistic. The soap is nicely packaged in a container, so you can save it for as long as you want, and it does lather well. If you ask me this is a perfect gift to give for almost anyone in your life. 

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