Review: Bath & Body Works Orchid Anti-Bacterial

Unfortunately germs are everywhere. Between modeling, school and my blogging I don't have time to get sick (although I doubt anyone does) so I always try and take precautions like washing my hands if I touch something gross or if I'm going to eat. However there isn't always somewhere to do that which is where something like the Bath & Body Works PocketBac can come in very handy. So of course I was very excited to receive this Amazon Rainforest Orchid anti-bactieral hand gel from my cousin's baby shower

I've previously talked about the Bath & Body Works Bee Nice Honey Berry PocketBac and the Orchid packing is very similar. It's wider at the base and becomes more narrow at the top, has a clear plastic container and a white lid with a squeeze dispenser. Across the front is a very pretty label with purple orchids and grass. 

Verdict: I of course love this little pocket bac. It's convenient to carry around, smells good, and the little beads (which I wouldn't like if this were a soap but that's a different story) add a good texture. This is great if you have to eat or live on the go. Oh and how can I not recommend the pretty purple color. 

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