Review: Alpha Hydrox Moisturizing Sunscreen

Summer time is here, which of course means a lot of time spent outside. In addition to my work that takes me outdoors (more often than I'd like) I also like to work out in my backyard garden. Of course this goes a bit against my whole anti-aging beauty routine and against my goal of staying as pale as possible. So I was super excited when I was offered the Alpha Hydrox Moisturizing Sunscreen to review. 

It arrived to me in very sturdy shipping packaging. Inside that was a bright red box with the Alpha Hydrox label and logo as well as the product net weight 3 oz. Inside is the bottle it has it's lid at the base (which I love) in red and then a white bottle. 

This does have a bit of a sunscreen smell, similar to the Sunny Days Sunblock, but it isn' unpleasant at all. The color is a pure white. Going into the skin it does go in easily and leaves just a bit of oily residue, but this absorbs in a bit of time. 

Verdict: I have to say that I'm quite happy to have a daily moisturizer that is a sunscreen. The Alpha Hydrox is stylish and goes on well. I do wish though that it was a bit higher than 30 SPF

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