Mosaic Heart Pillow DIY

 With school and everything it's been awhile since I've been able to do a proper DIY so I figured it was about time. This Mosaic decorative heart pillow is actually something that's going on my bed (I like to change pillows with the season) but I think it'd make a prefect Mother's Day or Valentines Day present for a lady in your life.

As far as the DIY goes I did stick to talking about how to make the heart piece since the basic pillow is pretty easy to do. It's a perfect way to get rid of pieces of scrap fabric, and is completely customizable based on personal choice. 

1.  Draw your design on one side of paper using a felt tired marker and have the paper backed with fusible web. My favorite fusible web to use is  Steam a Seam II but heat and bond is also a good choice.  

2.  Remove the  piece of the paper covering the fusible web you didn't draw on.  Place little snippets and scraps on fabric in a random manner on the side you removed the paper from, for my pillow I used red and pink but no reason to stick with norms if another color combo better matches you.   Make sure that you have completely covered your design, actually going further than the design is even better. 

3.  Following the directions of the fusible web put the  paper  you removed earlier over your shape and iron with an up and down motion to fuse the snippets together. Make sure to have your iron on an appropriate temperature setting. 

4.  Cut the shape out and double check that the heart is the size that you want. You can always make it smaller. 

5.  Trim the shape as need. 

6.  With matching or contrasting thread ( I used a rayon embroidery thread)  stitch the entire design in a random pattern making sure you stitch over each piece in at least a couple of places.  This is what the back looks after I did this.

7.  Place your shape on the pillow and using a small zig zag or other stitch of your choice appliqué it to the pillow front.    I used black felt for the pillow  which does not ravel so I was able to  put the wrong sides together, sew 3/4 around, stuff then sew the remaining section letting the stitching show  for a more casual look which matches the destroy look of the pillow. 

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