Life at the End of April

 This week has been a rush, and for the next two weeks I can expect exactly the same. So sorry about saying I'll blog more once I'm done with finals. And I should have some new to share by then, I would love to now but it's not set yet! That being said I can share a little about my day. It was mostly a lazy lay around day. I started early working on a Creo Project (remember when I had trouble learning the software?) although I think it'll end up okay it is stressing me out. Although I was makeup free I did put on this Harry Potter bracelet I was given. 

While I was working on my Creo I figured I needed something up #multitasking so I logged onto Runescape (I talked previously about playing the game like a nerd) and played for a bit. I then logged out did some more work before turning it back on. At that point I couldn't log on. The system kept telling me I typed in the wrong password which of course was impossible since I'd just put it in. I tried to fill out a password recovery form which they say "are individually verified by an employee" I had to say what my previous passwords were (I've only had one) when I created the account, the internet service providers I've used and a place to leave more information. Surprisingly I knew everything and left a polite message telling them I think it's actually a bug error. In two minutes I received a response saying my request was denied. I have high doubts that my request was even read by a person, but I guess now I'm done playing Runescape for good!
 Instead I decided to look at documentaries to watch and found two on Hulu. The first was about women on death row and the second How to Die in Oregon both of which were eye opening, and very sad. 
To end on a high note here's a screen shot of my first Pinterest pin to get over 1000 repins! I've been waiting for it the past few days and I'm so proud of this little Amusement Park Outfit Guide. Hopefully I'll get a few more to do this in the future. 

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