How to Wear Culottes


With all the runway stuff that's been happening lately with fashion weeks and spring style I've been doing a little trend spotting, and decided to put together a look featuring one of the harder trends to wear, culottes. I actually wore a pair of these when Derek Warburton put together looks and although I thought it looked nice, it's taken a bit of time to really harness the trend. Now that I have, I'm here to  up your spring style game. 

  • Top - I always try to follow the rule of one tight, one loose so I went with a very fitted crop top.  It isn't a delicate or particularly cute crop top (unlike my white lace shirt), just a basic sleeveless one with a high neckline. 
  • Pants - Personally I think Culottes can be a bit drab and boring so I made sure to pick out a very trendy print. Not only is the pattern cute but I love the light color especially in contrast with the dark red crop top. 
  • Sunglasses - I'm particularly fond of sunglasses for the spring and summer, because of my big eyes, but even without light sensitivity these sunglasses are adorable. The vintage cat eye and rose lenses are perfect. 
  • Bag - As someone who isn't a purse carrier, I don't have a need for a big bag. So when a cute one comes around of course that's what I'm going to carry. I don't think this cat bag needs any explanation. 
  • Shoes - I've seen a few Culottes looks, and they always seem to feature some type of heel. Either in wedge or platform versions. However I like the look a bit better with a simple black flat. 

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