Food Photos: Milky Ways aren't Vegan

Here are a few vegan things that I've been eating lately, starting with the big picture. It's a fake meat burger, chickpea, that was different and very good. to go with it I had potatoes, green beans, and peppers lightly cooked. Below that are easter eggs, that sort of count as food since some had candy, although of course the money was my favorite. Then a nasty looking veggie sandwich I had that was quite good.

After that is a Milky Way that I gave to my friend. I was sitting studying and this African guy kept talking to me, in a slightly creepy way, but I assumed he wasn't trying to be creepy that he just seemed that way because he was a foreigner so I politely talked to him. He gave me this candy and I didn't really want to reject him so I later gave it to my friend. Next photo is of a bean salad lunch I had. Then last a fake cheese wrap and a burrito that was fantastic. 

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