Easter Egg Hunting and Showing off Southern Shirt Co.


Tomorrow is Easter, and like a lot of you on holiday weekends that means spending time with your extended family. Today I went to my "big grandparents" a moniker given to them by child me because of their very large pre war style home, that felt like a castle. Now they're living in a farm house that they're renovating but it's still how I refer to them. ANYWAYS we headed over about noon for a 1:00 p.m. lunch before which I decided to take pictures in my brand new southern shirts, and  after which we all went outside to hunt Easter eggs. Say what you want about me being too old for easter egg hunting, but I love going outside for a bit and just walking around, plus since the eggs have money as well as candy... why wouldn't I partake? *My hair in the pictures look terrible thanks to the wind and a big thanks to my adorable little cousin who decided she could "help me with my pictures".

The Shirts and hat - Alright so I've had a bit of a crush on the Southern Shirt Company for awhile now. Their Instagram is full of beautiful photos, that make the clothing scream 'buy me' but I held back figuring it was just in their professional shots. However when I saw the lovely Lindsey of the blog Ruby Girl have a giveaway of course I entered, and actually won. Seeing the hat, and two shirts that I have I can honestly say that the Southern Shirt Co. products went way beyond what I expected for quality, and I've gotten so many completes from them.






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