Book Review: Street Vegan

Street Vegan
Recipes and Dispatches from the Cinnamon Snail Food Truck
By Adam Sobel

Meat-Free Meals Revamped by the Cinnamon Snail. The Vegan Food Truck with a Cult Following. What's the secret behind the snail's takeover of New York City Streets? In all kinds of weather, vegetarians, vegans and omnivores alike queue up for sandwiches piled high with brown-sugar-glazed seating and ancho chili aioli, as well as pancakes topped with fresh figs, chamomile-blood orange syrup, and pine nut butter. Now truck founder Adam Sobel ditches his wheels and brings his addictive food straight to your kitchen, including bigger plates such as rosemary-christen tofu, tarragon-garlic bread pudding, spicy beer battered tofu wings and tempeh empanadas of course he also shares the recipes for the truck's famously delicious doughnuts and pastries flavored with everything from peanut butter-chocolate ganache to lavender, black tea, and tamarind. And he blows the lid off the challenges of working on a food truck - coping with daily parking tickets and culinary fender benders and still finding ways to infuse his food with imagination, love, and just a pinch of perspective. 

Street Vegan brings the energy and passion of the Cinnamon Snail's creative cooking from trucks to table and gives everyone meatless meals worth celebrating. 

When I started my vegetarian and then vegan journey in high school everyone who I talked to thought it was way too hard to do. The question was always "What do you eat" since finding recipe books like Vegan Holiday Cooking I can actually make them food so they can taste how easy it is to be vegan. So of course I was excited to be able to review Street Vegan.

This book starts out with "My Vegan Pantry". I found this very helpful especially since it had many different ethic foods. I have to say the recipes in Street Vegan are a little complicated, but the ingredients aren't too hard to find and the results are great. 

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