Book Review: The Smart Stepfamily Marriage

The Smart Stepfamily Marriage
Keys to Success in the Blended Family 

Make This Marriage Last a Lifetime

Leading blended family authority Ron Deal and marriage and family expert David Olson shows you how to build on your relationship strengths and improve your weaknesses. Whether you're dating, engaged, a young stepfamily or an empty-nest couple, The Smart Stepfamily Marriage gives you the tools you need at any stage to create a remarriage that will last. 

Each chapter of this book explores one of the key qualities of happy remarriages as identified by research. Like a GPS for your relationship this book has built-in discussion questions that can help you and your partner discover where you are, where you'd like to be and how to get there. The online survey gives you a report with personalized results for your relationship. 

Divorce is one of those awkward, emotional, and often heartbreaking things. Then you get into dating as discussed in books like The Single Dad Detour, and it gets even worse. Add in extra family members and everything can seem overwhelming. Each chapter of The Smart Stepfamily Marriage is full of information that can be tailored to you, and actually has activity suggestions that are worth doing.  If you like Dating the Wrong Men this is a book you should check out. 

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