Book Review: Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come
Why We Must Give Up Our Obsession with Fixing the Church and What We Should Do Instead
By Reggie McNeal

There's a reason Jesus taught us to pray "Thy Kingdom Come..." not "Thy Church Come." The church clearly plays an important role in God's plans. It was established by Christ, and he is its Head. But have we put too much emphasis on the church? Have we confused a means of participating in God's Kingdom with the Kingdom itself? In Kingdom Com, church ministry consultant Reggie McNeal reveals why it's crucial to realign the church's mission with God's ultimate Kingdom agenda. You'll discover how you can get in on- and help lead - the Kingdom movement currently underway. Join the mission to help the Kingdom break into our hearts... and break out into the world.

Reggie McNeal is the missional leadership specialist for Leadership Network and author of numerous books on church leadership, including The Present Future. Reggie served for more than two decades in local church leadership, has lectured and taught as adjunct faculty for seminaries, and has served as a speaker and consultant to every major church denomination in North America. He holds Mdiv and PhD degrees from Southewestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Reggie and his wife, Cathy make their home in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Church is a bit of a tricky thing where I'm from. If you're Christian it's one of the first things people ask you. If it's not one similar to theirs you then get a big "Oh..." I love that Kingdom Come is looking beyond that typical church. It's something we all should be doing, focusing on God, and the ideas and arguments Kingdom Come has are great. If you like Being Church Doing Life or Too Many To Jail this is a book you should check out. 

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