Trying a new Routine for School Success

Figured I could start this out with a modeling photo of mine that currently holds the position as my favorite photo of myself. Just to clarify since there have been a lot of questions via different social media sites I'm not using any photoshop on my pictures. It's those eyelash extensions, falsies, and a good tube of mascara along with a few eyeliner tricks I might share later. But anyways back to what I was talking about... My new routine for school.

Just last week I talked about making or restarting a fitness routine   something I've found that helps me quite a bit with my weight and health related goals. So because of that, and partially because of my change in perspective I'm working on a lifestyle "routine" that's specifically made to help me destress and do better in my classes. 

  • The first and biggest rule is no more television. I've found myself many times saying that I'm just "going to watch this one show" and end up about asleep on the couch three hours later, on a school night. 
  • Then, and this goes with my fitness routine is to do some sort of daily exercise. Not only is it just good for me to do, I mean I do plan on living to be an old woman but it gives me a chance to restart my brain. 
  • Going to bed on time. This one is a little hard for me because I love staying up late at night but, with my early morning schedule it needs to be done. I've actually found myself struggling to stay awake in some of my later classes, which of course means I'm not paying any attention. 
  • About that paying attention, I've also got a goal of not even looking at my phone in class. It starts as a "I'll just check the time" to "let me answer this one message" and before I know it I'm thirty pictures into some random chick's Instagram profile. 
  • Most important of my whole routine I think is not putting things off. When I get stressed out I feel like I can't function, which of course just makes me more stressed out because I'm not getting anything done. So from now on I'm going to get things done without putting them off just because I don't want to do it yet. 

As I just started these as part of my new school routine I'll have to update you guys later to see how they're going, so wish me luck. Oh! And feel free to share your tips with me. 

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