Top 3 Catalogues For Online Finance Shopping (in the UK)

Top 3 Catalogues For Online Finance Shopping (in the UK)

As someone who does quite a bit of online shopping I thought I could share with you guys some catalogues for online shopping where you can actually make payments on your purchase instead of paying for the whole cost at once.  If you are trying to budget, spreading the cost of your purchases might be more beneficial than paying for an item upfront. Many retailers online provide you with the opportunity to apply for credit and open a personal account. Here are the top 3 catalogues for online finance shopping especially put together for those of you living in the United Kingdom. 
  • 1. Simply Be - Simply Be specializes in women's clothing, as well as a wide range of other products. If you are looking to spread the cost of your payments, the company provides you with a number of ways to make repayments - including over the phone, and by logging into your personal account online. Using the Simply Be website is straightforward - just search for the products you are interested in, and check out individual product pages with high resolution photos and item specifications. You can also get your order delivered directly to your door.
  •  2. Fashion World - Fashion World is another catalogue company that offers finance for a wide range of items, primarily women's clothing. Here you will find big-name brands, and clothes in a wide range of different sizes and designs. You will be able to have your order delivered to your door, and by applying for a personal account, you will be able to spread the cost of your order over a period of time. You will receive a monthly statement from Fashion World, which will detail the minimum amount you will need to pay every month, and your outstanding balance. 
  •  3. BrightHouse - BrightHouse specialize in a wide range of products, including consumer electronics, household items, gifts, and toys. You will be able to make repayments every week on any purchases you make, and you can apply for a new personal account by visiting your nearest BrightHouse store. The company have a significant high street presence in the UK - check their website for your nearest branch.
  •  For a more complete list of UK catalogues, check out They have numerous reviews and guides related to online shopping through catalogues.

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