Those Rugs Aren't Made for Walking

 I'm normally going to pick staying home over going to dinner with my parents at one of their friend's houses but this was one I couldn't pass up. The couple are old friends of my father's. The man was my dad's first "real" boss. You know the kind in your career that you get at the end or after you graduate college. He's someone my dad is very impressed by and tells funny stories about , and worked many years on and off for him, and currently works with his wife. Plus I'd heard they'd been renovating a house and I'm always interested in houses with character. The house itself is near brown county where I've been several times (still remember the pain of trail ten) and the whole way the lighting was good so I figured it was the perfect time to take selfies. Still loving my pink plaid jacket
 Going up to the house I couldn't quite tell what was what. There were three different buildings all with a similar style. Later I found out the farthest one was the wood shop, and the one closest to the main building is the guest house both of which still have quite a few projects to go. Inside was the living room, which had a small couch, two structured chairs and a large fireplace. Past that was a small kitchen with beautiful views of the lake which was nice, until I saw the study. 

 When they first bought the house this was a large bedroom but they turned it into this beauty. Apparently it isn't done yet. Something about a staircase being added in (currently it's in another room) expanding it out a bit and removing a tiny landing. Behind desk is a large circular window ( 6 foot diameter?) and the other side a full wall of windows with a view of the forest and hills. The middle of the room has a large couch and two structured chairs how and the rugs, I'll get to that later. What's most impressive about this house is the exposed wood beams that they restored themselves, and the bookcases. Upon first seeing them I assumed that they were original to the house but my dad's ex-boss had actually made them all, and everything about them is perfect. Especially when you consider he's a software developer by day not in the carpentry trade. I'm a big fan of virtual and e-books but if this doesn't scream elegance (bad lighting aside since I did take the photo after dark on my iPhone) I don't think anything does. I even like the chandelier and accent lights though the style isn't something that I'd pick myself. 
 Then it was time for the food. To drink I just had an iced tea so nothing interesting there, however the food was quite interesting. To start with we had fruit, and the hostess dug out a pineapple and put the cut fruit in there which I'm sure is a quite common thing but I found it adorable to do. Then the main dish a pot pie in bread, similar to the Panera experience which in case you didn't know means I liked it a lot. Because it was quite filling it did make it hard to have room left for dessert but I still managed to have four cookies so not that hard I guess. Two chocolate chip and two apple slice ones. 
Back to those rugs I was talking about. While we were sitting there chatting (which made me quite drowse since I happened to be sitting right next to the fire place) I started looking around. On the walls were interesting paintings, and collectibles ranging from size. Many of which I assume are from the time in overseas. However there was one thing I noticed when I walked in, and tried to avoid the whole time I was there, the rugs. When we asked if we should take our shoes off they said no, and since they still had theirs on it didn't seem like an issue. Until I started walking on the floor. Sure it's wood but these rugs are everywhere, and they aren't just any rugs. 

A few years ago my parents and I were at a high end mall and decided to go into a store that sold a variety of rugs. These weren't just any rugs they were vibrant, beautiful pieces of art. When we were talking to the sales man my parents mentioned that their friend had brought him here. Immediately he said something along the lines of "no. no. NONE of the rugs in here are good enough for them. We special order for him" speaking as if everything in their store was trash, which was shocking for us not only because they were gorgeous to look at but because some ran $30,000 (plenty enough for a year at school for me).

Which of course made me think that I was walking on these very fancy rugs (as pictured above), not with socks on but with my quite possibly dirty combat boots. But anyways. I had a nice time, and it was nice visiting with people that my father has so much respect for. And seeing their in progress renovation wasn't too bad either. 

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