Sweet and Romantic to Cute Country (Easy ways to Change your Look)

 One of my former addictions (I do have a lot) was watching transformation videos on youtube so when I was given a pair of circle lenses from LensCircle in a warm brown I figured I could make two very different looks with them, one a romantic date look (maybe to go with my fancy date outfit) and one that's more of a country chic. Starting out, for both looks I curled my hair with the baby curler I've had for years, added Fibolica to cover my blonde roots, and since I knew I'd be messing with it quite a bit I finished with a Brocato hair spray and then put in my Geo Medical brown circle lenses. 

For the Romantic Look: I laid the mascara on thick for this, doing one layer. Then lining both my upper and lower lids in a thin black eyeliner. With black eyeshadow I then made a wide cat eye and then pink eyeshadow underneath my eyes with another coat of mascara I was done with the eyes. Adding a little pink blush and a pink lip gloss to finish it off. For a few of the photos I added my old Vivo mask for fun.  

Now for the second look. I originally thought that it would be a country cute look but it ended up looking a little middle eastern and I'm not at all disappointed with that. Just like my other look I simply had my hair curly and brown circle lenses on. 

For the Cute Country Look : The biggest thing here is was adding a little bronzer since I am very much on the pale side. Then time to up my eyeliner game. After that some orange blush and an orange tinted lip gloss. To finish off the look I went with a chambray shirt an orange camo trucker hat and my RayFancy necklace

And finally a picture of the things that made this whole look work.

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