Roundup: Skin Care Products to Use (and reviews)

Last week I did your average (normal anyways) beauty review roundup for the month of February, however looking around at all the products I have to test out and share with you guys I thought it might be helpful if I made a skin care round up review. I know that it can be difficult to decide which products you really need to use for dry skin, or what you should be using to keep from getting wrinkles so this review is just for skin care and might help you decide if you really do need x y or z product added to your daily routine. 

Retinol - I've you have skin that's a little bit dry or doesn't feel as full as you like there's nothing that I like better than using retinol. Depending on how dry your skin it can be applied nightly to every third night. The Aria Star version offers not only 2.5% retinol but also hyaluronic acid (another great moisturizer) vitamin e and aloe to reduce skin redness and inflammation. Another option is Miracle by Radha Beauty. which has green tea in addition to the retinal an ingredient known for clarifying skin and reducing toxins. 

Matrixyl 3000 - This is an ingredient picked specifically for it's ability to plump skin and make it look more youthful. It's a powerful peptide of fatty and amino acids for those of you wondering what Matrixyl 3000 is. Uplifting Beauty's Resurrect is a moisturizer with this for all over the face. Youth Glow Eye gel is a cream for under and above the eyes that in addition to using Matrixyl 3000 has vitamin c, plant stem cells and vitamin e. 

Anti-Wrinkle Creams - For years, I actually remember seeing these advertisements as a child, I've seen a whole bunch of different anti-aging products being shilled. They'd market them as some sort of get younger magic. Of course there is no such thing, but Anavita Moisturizing is a heavy cream that works well and Little Wing Beauty 's Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream is great under makeup. 

Vitamin C Serum - It's probably the hottest thing in skin care serums right now, although it is a little trouble to use. After opening the vitamin c serum you do have to keep it in the refrigerator but for sun damaged skin it can be a huge help. I of course love this Amara version because it's simple and easy. 

Blotting Paper - My freshmen year of high school I saw a girl using blotting paper, and to tell the truth I didn't quite understand the point. However I've become quite keen to it recently thanks to the Day by Day Beauty version. The come in 100 packs and one sheet is all you need to get up the oil. Afterwards you feel and look better. For sure a necessity. 

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