Review: Nutraplex Bars (Megaberry & Pineapple Coconut)

Well I haven't been posting Fitness Friday updates since sharing pictures of my galaxy pants mostly because school has gotten in the way, but a little because of my lack of working out too. It really is hard for me to stay with it, especially with so much going on in my life right now. Anyways I wanted to pop in with a quick review of Nutraplex a snack product  that's made to be healthy and filling. Both bars come in a shiny wrapper and are actually quite heavy.  

  • Megaberry - This is the bar pictured above with the bright purple wrapper. Opening it up I was surprised at how sweet it smelled. Not sweet in a chocolatey way like the cookie dough trim fuel bar but more of a fruity sweet. Biting into it I immediately tasted real fruit and little seeds (chia) that are added for omega 3 fatty acids. As good as it is though, I couldn't even finish the whole thing because it's so filling. 
  • Pineapple Coconut - Because I love both pineapple and coconut this was the Nutraplex bar that I was really looking forward to trying and I can honestly say that it didn't disappoint. It actually reminded me a lot of the vega sport energy bar with a tropical feel and a whole lot more nutrients. 
Verdict: I'm very happy with both of the different Nutraplex bars that I was able to try out. They taste very fruity, much different than your average protein bar and have nutrients along with the protein. Plus they're so filling that you can break them into thirds and eat the bars that way. 

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