Review: Matcha DNA Ceremony Matcha Tea Gift Set

Since working as a promotional modeling and learning all about different teas and coffees, I've had a bit of an obsession. From Dandelion Tea to Ginseng Diet Tea  I'm trying to work my way through it all. So when Matcha DNA offered to send me their Matcha Ceremonial Tea Set of course I said yes. I'd previously tried a brand of this type of green tea  and I was excited to learn about having it in a more traditional way. 

Alright so this arrives in a very nice gift box. It is a brown cardboard, but much thicker than a normal box and has the Matcha DNA name on the front in a small gold font. Inside everything is packaged nicely and fitted together. Here's what's included. 

Chawan - This is the bowl for tea. It is black and a mid weight ceramic. It gets larger towards the top and has ridges. For a single person drinking matcha tea it's the perfect size. 

Chasen - I was so impressed that they included this bamboo whisk in the set. It's packaged well, in a hard plastic container so it doesn't get damaged, and on the outside there's actually Japanese writing. The bristles are quite fragile but the wood handle is durable. 

Chasen Holder - I have to say at first I had absolutely no idea what this little green piece was. I mean I thought it was cute, but it took me awhile to realize that it's the whisk holder. Just put the chasen down handle first and it fits perfectly. 

Bamboo Spoon - This little bamboo spoon is so cute that I wanted to use it for everything now. It's simple and well made. 

Matcha Tea - Of course to finish off the Matcha Tea Gift Set you need matcha tea. This is a one ounce bag from Matcha DNA. 

Verdict: I'm super impressed with this matcha DNA ceremonial tea set. Everything is made to look like a traditional set, which is of course amazing. The tea is great, and for either a tea lover or someone who loves the Japanese culture. 

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