Review: La Beaute Pure Vitamin C Eye Gel

Since I am a model, and actually because I'm a female, I'm constantly worried about how my skin looks. Often people tell me I'm too young for anti-aging products, which might be true but as far as undereye creams go, I didn't think I had anywhere else to turn. That is until I found out about this vitamin c eye gel by La Beaute who's vitamin c serum I reviewed. Lucky for me they were nice enough to send me a sample to review. 

Alright so this comes in a tiny little bottle, one fl. oz to be exact of product. the tub is a hard plastic and comes in white. Around the middle is a label with oranges on it as well as the La Beaute Pure name. The lid is made out of the same material as the tub and is a twist off type. 

Inside the tube is the gel. It's an off white color and has more liquid than other eye creams that I've tried like the Adovia Eye Gel. It feels good going on my skin and doesn't smell bad. I'm very happy with this under eye product that's more for people in they're 20's

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