Review: Doll Face Makeup Brush Set

I'm not much of a makeup wearer. Most days I tend to stick with the bare face look, since I'm just going to school and there's no one to impress there. Sometimes though I'm not just going to school, I have modeling work, and although for photo shoots there are makeup artists, for promotional modeling you almost always have to do your own. Oh and on the rare formal date I try and do up my face. So when the people at Doll Face offered to send me their makeup brush set of course I said yes. 

Alright so it arrived to me in a cute black carrying case with a carrying strap on the side. To secure it there is a closer with velcro. The fabric is smooth and padded. Inside the fabric is still smooth and black but a little more rigid. The brushes have a two toned color, black and red on the handle. The color of the bristles is also two toned, a dark brown on the end to the tips which have a cream color.  Here's a little about each brush. 

Allana Accent Brush :: A Light weight cosmetic brush that is used for applying and smudging eyeliner and/or shadow along the lash lines.  The Allana Accent brush allows precise application of the cosmetic and is delicate enough to use over and above the eye. 

Lola Fine Liner :: A perfecting tapered Liner brush with fine bristles that allows the make-up application to be dramatic as well as suttle. This Liner brush can be used with liquid eyeliners and eyeshadows for a fine line to enhance any make up look. 

Cali Crease Brush :: This Multi-functional large brush is used for the buffing of cosmetic eye-shadow along the edges of the eye as well as an under eye concealer.  The Cali Crease brush can also be used for highlighting and contouring along nose, lips and corners of the face.  

Bryndle Base Brush :: An all over shadow brush for the base of the eye.  This brush covers the eye lid with just the right amount of color. Use as a cream shadow applicator or simply Use its fluffy and versatile brush to blend color into the crease of the eye.

Bella Brow Brush :: A high quality angled brow tool, this large and multi functional brush is used for the filling and defining of the eye brow. Other uses of this brush include wet or dry eyeliner application above or below the eye. This brow brush is firm enough to be used on outer corners and creases of the eye.

Verdict: Previously I tried out Crown Brush Set, so I had something good to compare this Doll Face Makeup Brush Set with. In this set all the bristles are very soft and since the handles are metal I know they're durable. This is a great for the eyes set, and something I know I'm going to be using in the future. 

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