Outfit: Mini Skirt at the Hospital


Spring break is here but instead of going somewhere warm and tropical I'm stuck at the hospital. To tell the truth I shouldn't complain too much because the weather has been fantastic and my grandfather (the one in the hospital) is doing fine, just a sort of routine procedure for someone his age. I just wish he would be more appreciative. Anyways! I figured I could share with you some outfit pictures from today that my mother took of me on their second floor outdoor space. I was going for a dressed up mini skirt look and I think it turn out quite well. Of course you have to ignore the fact that my hair looks terrible and I didn't wear any makeup. 

Blazer - Since my first salvation army haul I've been in love with thrift store shopping. So when the wonderful people at Perfect Threads which is an online thrift store offered to let me pick out a few things I knew this blazer had to be mine. The grey is my sort of color and I love the large fit.

Tank - As much as I'd like to have enough swag to just wear the blazer I can't. So underneath is a basic pink tank top which does make this a bit more modest and that's never a bad thing.

Socks - Can I just say I'm in love with these knee high socks. The frilly top and decorative button make me feel girly, almost a little Japanese, and the high length makes them perfect for boots.

Boots - I have to say I was wanting to wear heels with this outfit, but since I'm in a hospital and have to walk around a lot so instead I went with a  pair of combat boots. This black pair has a little heel so maybe I'm getting the best of both worlds. 

Skirt - I haven't worn a denim mini skirt in forever, although I did almost have to wear one for my trade show modeling job. I figured with the warm weather though, and the fact that I wanted to wear those super cute socks why not?  



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