Outfit: A Blue Romper


As I mentioned (excitedly) in my spring date night outfit, spring is finally here, and the weather is actually warm. So in celebration I wore this cute blue romper that was given to me by the people at VenJoin with a pair of combat boots. This isn't the type of thing I'd wear to class (I mean I am an engineering student) but for a day at the park or on a day date I love the feminine feel.  And since the weather is nicer these photos are outside! Which means better lighting. 

Romper - I'm not sure that blue is really my color but I have to say that I like this print. It's casual, and summery. The tube top fits very well and is quite comfortable but based on how the shorts fit I wish I'd gone down a size. 

Boots - You've seen these boots quite a bit, my favorite time when they were paired with khaki shorts although that look was one of my less modest looks. They're held up well, look great with a host of outfits, and are quite cute if I do say so myself. 




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