My Spring Break List & Some Thoughts

 As you might have seen on Instagram my spring break is sort of a bust. I was stuck in the hospital Thursday evening through today with a relative. That wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that everything with them was a battle. And it was all so stressful. Luckily that's over with so I can get back to my spring break list of things to do. However I am still extremely worried about a math test that is still not graded but to my spring break schedule. 
Alright so I know this was on my last little schedule thing but I didn't do it and it really needs to happen for some upcoming things. So I'm totally doing my passport stuff tomorrow. And beauty reviews I have a lot to do, and I'm not sure why I haven't because it's actually kind of fun. I'm also wanting to get back a book of mine that I need but it's starting to seem like a lost cause. 

For Friday of course a fitness Friday post (also hoping I can keep with my fitness routine), do some house cleaning and organize my room a bit. 

Saturday actually do some studying, really hard when I'm waiting for a test to come back, and modeling pictures. I'm hoping for some good ones this time around that I can use for myself. 

Sunday I kind of wanted this to be a free hanna day but I know that should be the case since I've gotten so little done this week. However more studying, some blogging (fashion posts?) and cooking a fancy dinner are on the list. 

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