Life Photos: So much with only 1 School Month Left

I've told you guys this before but school is seriously stressful right now, and I'll be glad when it's over in a month. I figured I could share some every day life photos. The first one is a screen shot of a website of a company I want to work for.  They have a semester long internship abroad that's calling my name. Then there are two photos from my electronics lab. After that a screen shot of minecraft (since then I've re-deleted it). Then a picture of some of my CAD school work and last in the row my pencil on a desk. 

Next is a Who Say article about a woman named Manuela accidentally giving away a car. Of course I sent it to my mother asking why she didn't give me a free car. Then a tag inside something of my father's that way he'd know the size. After that is a picture of roses at target. If I ever find a guy who instead of buying me cut flowers gets me a potted plant I know I've got a keeper. Then my lunch money for the day. After that a picture of a penny in the stall on the floor. Last is a picture of the questions on my electrical test. 

Then my two stuffed animals that have managed to find their way out of the garage sale pile. After that one picture of my living one and one of my grandparents. Then one of my class group members who happened to have a bible with them.  Then flowers. 

More electrical stuff, a picture of how thick the fog was when I left for school one morning. Change that I'm not sure why I took a picture of. Little chicks I saw at tractor supply when I was with my grandmother taking her shopping. It's a little sad to see them there to be honest. Then a photo of me. More flowers too. 

A picture that made me smile was this one. In the early morning before class, when I was going in, I saw a duck sitting by the trees who wasn't all that happy to see me. My headphones, and a picture of my leggings, I might talk about that in the future but it's too soon now. A picture to remind me of where I parked in the garage. After that a picture of one of my eyelash extensions and some yard work I was doing. 

Then grocery shopping with my mother who was quite smart putting the pepsi on the cart like that. Then a funny picture of my mother. One thing that I was tempted to buy a bag from target. They're gorgeous and look fairly high quality looking. Then grocery shopping with my grandmother and a picture from her garden. 

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