Hosting my Cousin's Baby Shower

I'm not sure that I mentioned this before but my cousin is pregnant. Since neither of us have a sister, or any siblings close in age growing up we have been pretty close. So I was happy to able to put together her shower, with a little help. Because this is done for my college age cousin and her husband, everything was put together within a budget, and I think that it can make a great guide to having a simple shower with monetary constraints. 

Whenever you plan a party it can't go exactly how you want it to do it. I had wanted to have it in the basement of my Aunt's church which has a full kitchen but my cousin's husband wanted it instead at the club house of a condo his family owns. The venue wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be though so I can't complain too much. 

The biggest part of this shower was the food. My cousin wanted a full meal for everyone, instead of the traditional cake and drinks which is of course more expensive and also takes more time to prepare. Luckily the wraps were brought but the fruit, vegetable and cracker platers all had to be prepared as did the dip for the chips. So the day before I went on a shopping trip to both Aldi and Kroger to get everything and did some of the cutting for the vegetables. Then I arrived two hours early to finish up the vegetables and did the fruit. *Also a big thanks to Bobbi Jean's for their tongs that I used. 
 After that came setting out the paper products. There are so many ways you can go about doing this but I just went to the story and picked out matching plates and napkins that looked cute. Of course if we'd thought of a theme (no idea why we didn't!) it would have been a little harder. Then plastic knives and forks for everyone. To drink we brought my old Keurig (ended up giving it to my other cousin afterwards), had two different sizes of bottled water and sweet tea made by my Aunt. 
 Even though they look a bit tacky my favorite decorations were the centerpieces that my mother and I made. On the outside is baby themed candy instead of flowers and underneath are lots of small baby items that are for the parents afterwards. I ended up eating the candy from the center piece on my table during the shower. 
 One thing that I can't take credit for is the game table. My cousin's friend put it together and did all of the prizes. There were cute little booklets with a The Price is Right game, that was a little hard to play, an ABC name game where you have to come up with a baby boy's name for every letter. Then an animal baby name match (which I won!) and baby jeopardy. We also had a decorate the onesie activity but because we got started half an hour late didn't get to. 

When it was time to open presents the cake was served and I was really happy with how good it was. Someone from my Aunt's church made it, and luckily it was just enough for everyone. While eating it the soon to be mother and father opened their gifts. I always find this sort of thing super boring but there was a bingo game associated with it to make it a bit better. 

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