Food Photos: Snacks, And lots of Veggie Dinners

Lots of food photos to share with you guys because just like my face photo dump I have a ton of food photos to get rid of on my phone. First is a Saturday night pizza dinner with salad then oatmeal for a snack, a gram cracker and coffee, sun chips which I shouldn't even be getting since the vending machine takes my money half the time. Below that is stir fry that I had, ice cream, chili, a noodle dinner, some squash with tomato sauce. White Castle's veggie burger which was better than I expected. A black bean burger from the hospital. The popcorn that's my go to snack. 

Then another Saturday pizza night, a burrito, a much better stir fry and noodles with peas and a side of spinach. Arizona tea which was good, some sort of rice pudding my mother made, a veggie burger, and fruit. On the side are two meals I blogged about those Nutraplex Bars, and dinner at my parents' friends' house

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