Fitness Friday: Galaxy Pants on a Run (walk)


It's Fitness Friday. Lately I've been sharing things like products you should use, or how to start a fitness routine, but this week I thought it'd be fun to see my jogging/running outfit that was mostly a walking outfit since I'm still getting back in shape. Normally I just go around in my neighborhood but today I went a few miles with a friend in an old part of their town for fun. Half way through we decided it would be the perfect time for pictures which wasn't exactly the case since my face looks a little disastrous on account of the sun bothering me, and the sweat. Oh well!

Jacket - This jacket is one that I got during a Tj Max Haul so it's no longer available to buy but there are a lot of super cute North Face ones that are great for a jog in cool weather. 

Tank - As a very basic tank I wasn't expecting to get warm enough to wear it by itself so excuse all the straps. 

Pants - These joggers are the newest love of my life. Quite aways back I had a galaxy skirt and pretty much wore it out so when the people at culture 45 apparel offered to send me something from their shop, of course I picked something with the same print. These pants are comfortable and easy to wear. 

Shoes - Although these shoes may not look like the perfect running shoes I quite like them. They're durable (thanks to being made of canvas) and have a lot of cushion. Plus the neutral color goes with just about anything. 




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