Fitness Friday: 5 Tips to Restart (or Begin) a Routine

 Yes I know this post is a little late, but I spent the day in the hospital so my whole day kind of went kaput. I wasn't the one needing the medical attention, actually that's where this picture was taken. I brought along my yoga mat that way I'd have somewhere comfortable to sit since I figured it was going to be awhile. It was actually a brilliant idea, but I'm here to talk about fitness tips today specifically how to start or restart your fitness routine. It's things that are helpful without being too extreme and unmanageable. 

1. Sleep More - For me this is probably the hardest thing. I go to school very early and although I get home (most nights) at a decent time I want to actually do stuff rather than go to bed. This of course just leaves me groggy and unmotivated to do much of anything let alone workout

2. Yoga - I've been doing yoga since my Freshman year of high school and I love it. I try and get into the schedule of ten minutes to wake me up and ten minutes to relax me before I go to bed. It isn't a lot of time but it's enough to get me feeling like I'm doing something without a big time commitment. I love this one I got from Amazon. 

3.  Bringing Lunch - Bringing your own lunch isn't just something that's a good idea financially but it can also be a healthy choice. You can easily control portions, and ingredients and as someone who doesn't eat meat bring my own food means that I don't have to worry. This Hango set (also available in pink!) that was given to me is perfect. 

4. Running - This has been a hard one for me. Every third day I like to run at night, and once I get myself going it feels great. However convincing myself to do it is an issue. 

5. Meal Enders - I'm someone who constantly snacks and is known to over eat at meals. So when I was given the opportunity to try out all four flavors I figured it was a good time to start breaking bad habits. To use, just pop one in your mouth (they come in big bags, with lots of single servings) either when you're done eating a meal, to stop you from eating more, or when you're hungry and want to avoid snacking. They have a soft outer coating and then a harder inside. They all taste good (citrus is my favorite) and I've had less issues with my eating habits. And because they are a little odd here's another picture of them!

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