Edgy 'Out with the Girls Night' Outfit Guide


It seems like I've been doing a lot date outfits lately from a night time spring date and floral inspired date dresses to what to wear to your boyfriend's office so for a change I figured I should put together something that's for the single ladies. When I saw these pants I knew exactly what I wanted to do too. This look is a girl's night out look, be it at a bar, for a club look or any semi formal night time event. I of course went for a modest look and something that's fairly comfortable. 

  • Top - By now you should know that I love wearing crop tops. Awhile back I even did a crop top guide (although my style has changed quite a bit!) since so many of you were asking for one. This one is a simple black piece with an exposed zipper. 
  • Jeans - These jeans are absolutely gorgeous, but are unfortunately sold out. However at their $1000+ price I thought it'd be okay if I did a very cute similar pair. The ombre and destroy look is fresh, fun and makes sure you won't look like a try hard. Plus who doesn't love a skinny jean?
  • Cardigan - Since I'm more of a modest girl, instead of a crop top with an exposed midriff I added a cardigan to cover up. The big collarless shape is comfortable and keeps the look from being too hot or attention seeking. Also the texture change feels so nice. 
  • Bag - If you've seen past outfit guides of mine Michael Kors seem to be a favorite. As it seems he's done it again with this cross body (one of my favorite styles) in a simple black, since the pants get all the attention you'll want. 
  • Shoes - As a "short" girl platform pumps are a necessity. This pair is a little bulky, a style I'm personally quite fond of because not only are they easier to wear but they make your feet look longer, and very simple. As for the suede I think it softens the look a bit. 

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