Didn't do anything this weekend, Perhaps a schedule?

 Last semester I feel like I was doing it all. I was in school (full time of course) had an internship working an average of 25 hours a week and worked somewhere between 8 and 12 hours ever weekend as a model. And managed to put up a plethora of beauty related product reviews for you guys to read. This semester though I seem to be falling behind, and to be honest I'm not quite sure where all of my time went, although there are a few culprits. This weekend I was supposed to study for a math test which of course didn't happen, among quite a few other things I wanted to get done. The only saving grace was the gorgeous (in my opinion of course) beauty review roundup I did

So I've decided to change a few things before I fail out of school and get a permeant crease in the couch from where I've been sitting. My first and biggest goal is to completely cut out watching television, and after a bit of a beige yesterday I'm totally ready for it. I'd also like to get in better shape doing distance running three times a week and 15 minutes of yoga daily, which I think will help me to focus and feel better.

The most helpful thing I can do however (I think that anyways) is to create a list with things that I need to do, and have done on it. So here's what I have this week. So far I've already turned in my CREO assignment, and that's about it. I tried studying for a math exam but my friend distracted me for the past two hours and I'm sort of at an impasse anyways. Then more school stuff on Tuesday and hopefully time to get a blog post like the Long Skirt and Leopard Print outfit. Wednesday I'm hoping I get a modeling job that I want and hope to do well on my Ethics midterm. Thursday more blogging and some homework. Friday being a good granddaughter and reviews, Saturday studying. Sunday I have no idea. 

* Also... This would be in addition to my current every week day school responsibility.

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