Book Review: Take My Hand Again

Take My Hang Again
A Faith Based Guide for Helping Aging Parents
By Nancy Parker Brummett

Practical, Humorous and Faith-Filled. Addressing the difficult adult children face when roles change and they must intervene in a parent's care, Take My Hand Again includes an over-view of common care options and questions to ask - of professionals, prospective care facilities and of the aging adults themselves. Readers will find valuable insight into the challenges of the aging process as well as much needed hop and encouragement. 

Nancy Parker Brummett is also the author of The Hope of Glory a devotional guide for older adults often used in assisted-living settings. She journeyed with her mother and mother-in-law through their adventures in aging and holds a professional certificate in gerontology. Her writing and speaking ministries focus on older adults and those who care for them. 

Watching people get older sucks. There isn't any other way to put it. It's very much the child's responsibility to see after the same person that spent so many years caring for them. But it's hard to do. Take My Hand Again eases some of this. If you like A Christian Survival Guide, or Stealing from God this is a book you should read. 

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