Book Review: The Hawk & The Dove Series 1-3

The Hawk & The Dove Series Books 1-3
By Penelope Wilcock

The Hawk and the Dove 

Father Peregrine is appointed Abbot of St Alcuin's Benedictine abbey. An arrogant, impatient man, a hawk trying hard to be a dove - his name in religion is "Columba" - he is respected, but not loved. A sudden, shocking act of violence changes everything. As the story unfolds, this community of monks, serious about their calling but as flawed and human as we are, come to love their ascetic but now vulnerable leader. They lived six centuries ago, yet their struggles are our own. Finding our niche; coping with failure; loving with impossible people; and discovering that we are the impossible ones. 

The Wounds of God

Has Peregrine been broken?

Inured in an attack by old adversaries, Father Peregrine transforms from a steely, articulate, impressive leader into a humbled, crippled, wise mentor. Relying on kindness of his fellow monks, the fiercely independence, hawkish abbot begins to regain his feet. But he faces a fresh challenge. The Augustinian Priory of St. Dustan lies three days' ride to the southwest, the domain of Prior William, whose calculating self-interest makes enemies everywhere. When he and Peregrine cross swords over a matter of justice based as doctrine, will ruthlessness triumph over integrity? 

The Long Fall

Peregrine, strong and beloved abbot of St. Alcuin's monastery, suffers a stroke. Now incapacitated, he begins an arduous recovery with the help of his brothers in the infirmary. Brother Tom, the young monk closest to him, is horrified by the suffering Peregrine's illness has inflicted. He keeps his distance, out of his depth. How will he find the courage to make this demanding journey of vulnerability with his friend? How will they communicate, now Peregrine can no longer speak? How will Tom respond to the terrible, secret promise his abbot asks him to make? In this journey to the depths of humanity, the two men discover together the treasures of darkness and the intimate mystery of compassion. Engaging and beautifully written, warm and haunting, The Long Fall concludes the first trilogy in The Hawk and the Dove series. 

Penelope Wilcock is a full-time writer and a former Methodist minister, prison and hospice chaplain, who lives in Hasting on England's south coast with her family. Her popular blog Kindred of the Quiet Way, attracts a wide international audience. 

I'm so glad that I was given the first three books of this series to read. Penelope Wilcock does a great job writing an entertaining series. I found each of the books to be a great read, as a stand alone, and especially in serious. If you like A Triple Knot or The Hectic you should check these out for sure. 

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