Book Review: Bible Dominoes

Bible Dominoes 
Develop Counting and matching skills with these numbered Bible dominoes

Number of players 2-4. Age 3 years and up, contains 28 dominoes. 

Setting up: Shuffle the dominoes and place them face down in the middle of all the players. If there are 2 players, each player picks up 7 dominoes. If there are 3 or 4 players, each player picks up 5 dominoes. The players can look at their own hands of dominoes. Put the rest of the dominoes in a pile, face down, within easy reach of all players.

 Object: To be the first player to use up all their dominoes. 

 The youngest player starts the game by placing one of their dominoes face up in the middle of the players. Play moves to the person on their left. This player must match a color or a number on one end of the domino laid down by the first player with one of their own dominoes. They must place their domino so the matching ends touch. Play then moves to the next person. Dominoes can be matched with either end of the line dominos and can be laid at right angles if necessary. If a player can't match any of their dominoes, and there are non left in the pile, play passes to the next player. Play continues until one player uses up all their dominoes or until nobody can match any of their dominoes. 

Winner: The first person to play all their dominoes or, if no more moves are possible the player who has the fewest dominoes. 

Alright so this isn't exactly a book but I didn't know what other category to put these Bible Dominoes under! They're cute and easy to learn how to play with. I personally love the artwork and testing them out with my mother's Sunday School class I wasn't the only one. Plus they're educational. Not only teaching bible stories but working on matching and basic math. 

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