"Art", Do I look okay? at School, and a Letter

 Woah, it feels like it's been forever since I've done a daily in my life blog post. Actually I've been considering doing a weekly one, along with my to-do schedule (since both are quite boring on their own) but since I took a lot of pictures today I figured I could just do this one of my day. Plus since I'm trying to do the whole daily thing (did you see my girl's night out outfit!?) and didn't have anything else to write, why not. 

Alright. Thursdays are my earliest day of the week and I rode in with my father, which means no worries about driving or parking two things I hate to do. When I arrived I had a little time before class so I sat down to study and noticed this "art". Maybe it's like the Indianapolis Art Museum and I just don't have enough culture but it actually made me mad. It's a piece by someone who GRADUATED a few years ago, and it's just some crudely painted oars. I wouldn't want to major in art here if that's something the department thinks they should display.  
 Throughout the day I took selfies, starting with the first one when I was totally half asleep before my first class. You see I'm wanting to pursue modeling more seriously but I'm quite afraid that I'm way to average looking, and today was one of those days I was feeling the most average. So I take makeup free selfies (that's how I live most of my life) with my unmanaged hair and compare to x y or z super model without makeup. 
 But back to class work... All of this electrical stuff was passed around after being explained. To tell the truth it was all a little over my head which is going to be a bit of an issue since there's eventually a test over it. Speaking of tests I've been studying like mad for a mechanics one that's coming up. I'm working all of the problems in the book (there are a TON) and reading all of the material. So far so good, which is great since the professor is basically worthless. 

After my school day was done, I then headed over to my grandparents house to see how they were doing after the whole hospital stay where I wore a mini skirt. I didn't do too much, just a twenty minute entertainer but I did manage to bring with me some of that fashionista tea and take letters they needed mailed. One of which had an international forever stamp on it, which I didn't know existed. You learn something new everyday. I mean because I can't count that school stuff, right?

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