Which iPhone 6 Case Should I Choose?

I'll admit I'm not the most tech savvy person and I probably won't ever be even, though I'm working on it! One thing that I can say is true is that I absolutely love my iPhone. Back when I had my four I'd pick cases just based on how they look, but since seeing all the great things on Amazon (where you can buy all these cases) I've been thinking more about cases that are functional for my iPhone 6. So I figured I could put together a few mini reviews and share my thoughts.

Seventy Five Degrees Case - To tell the truth I wasn't all that impressed when I first saw this case. It seemed to offer a bit of protection, but that was it. However when I noticed that it has an added piece to prop it up I changed my mind completely. If you're someone who likes to sure the web or watch videos on your phone this can be great. 

iArrow Products - Recently I've been given two different iArrow products and I love them both. The first a dust cover is perfect if you're not someone who worries about too much damage. My favorite though is their armored glass is one of my top products for any phone. I actually did a full review of their screen cover but let me just summarizing by telling you that this gives me peace of mind. 

Goodshell Armband - I'm really trying to work on my running, something I mentioned when I talked about making a fitness routine and this armband is great. Since I have an iPhone 6 and it tracks my steps I love this. 

Shielder Wallet Case - I've never been a big purse carrier something that you can see in outfit posts like my How to Pull off a Pizza Shirt look. So I was immediately excited about this case. It hasty of room for various card, offers some protection and is super cute.  

*All cases mentioned were provided for review purposes.

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