Things from Instagram, and Tinder

Here are a few things on Tinder and Instagram that sort of made me laugh, and not because they were meant to be funny.

Whenever I'm sitting around waiting for something, most likely a class to start, I spend a lot of time on Instagram. Used to they'd have a browse page that was popular photos from anywhere in the world but that isn't (and hasn't been for awhile) the case any more. Now you get random pictures "similar" to ones that you like or that use hashtags similar to yours. I have no idea what the algorithm they use looks like, but I think it needs a little work. I'm constantly getting things in other languages and things like the photo below that I had to take a screenshot of. Of course I blurred out the pictures and names, because I don't care at all what these people do, just the fact that Instagram makes me see them.

 There are so many things wrong with this "gram". First of all if you're so in love with this person why not post a cute selfie style photo of the two of you, I'd like that kind of photo. I don't however want to see your "oh so cute" text messages. Also, and I'm genuinely curious, how in love can you be with someone after one month? And if you are in love with someone is this how you talk to them? I never have. But... Maybe I'm missing out. I prefer not to be told but shown. Like if a guy buys stuff from my Pink Valentines Day Wish List. Sappy doesn't do anything for me. But the biggest question of all is why did this photo (with 21 likes) show up for me. 
 Alright so on this photo Instagram totally got it right, this is similar to the type of photos I like. But read the caption. "I'm Prada and your nada." My Nada what? I've never heard of such a brand. First of all I know you look fine and all (why I didn't blur her face) with your eye makeup done and your hair looking quite nice but couldn't you just say "don't I look awesome" not insult anyone who's reading your caption? And if you're going to do it, do it right. On the plus side she is pretty.

Tinder is a place you should never go. That being said it's so much fun. But dangerous so don't do it. If you don't know what it is, basically you make a mini profile (most of the info comes from you Facebook page) and then you either swipe up or down if you go by someone else profile and like it. If you both like each other's then the private chat feature opens up. Late one night (actually really early) I was swiping that I liked everyone so that I'd get someone to talk to. This guy showed up and as soon as he started talking to me I knew what I was getting into. 

I think this sort of robe only says hot to a very select woman, as does the hair. Although he's the type of guy on tinder you can spot as creep from a mile away (I only talked to him because I was bored) I'd say about half are very odd like this guy, and they seem so normal to start. But at least this guy entertained me!

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